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Providing comprehensive examination and detailed reporting on the systems and structural condition of your property.

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Quality Inspections, Clear Reports, Professional Advice
For over 20 years our dedicated, experienced inspection team has delivered thorough, detail-oriented services to provide you invaluable insight into your property's condition. We follow the highest inspection standards regardless of where your inspection is performed.
Plumbing Inspection
Intensive analysis of the plumbing system to detect leaks, faults, or potential future issues.
Electrical Inspection
Comprehensive review of the electric network ensuring safety and efficiency of your property.
HVAC Inspection
Evaluation of HVAC units for functionality, efficiency, and longevity under safe operating conditions.
Roof and Attic Inspection
Checking the attic for signs of leakage, insulation performance and roof strength and durability.
Complete Home Inspection
At Insight Inspection Services, we offer a comprehensive home inspection service that covers every aspect of your property. From the foundation to the roof, our trained and experienced inspectors meticulously evaluate each system for safety, and functionality as well as the homes structure.

We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and follow the latest industry standards to provide you with a detailed report that’s easy to understand and useful for future reference. This proficiency allows us to identify issues that might go unnoticed, giving you a firm basis for negotiating your purchase.

With Insight Inspection Services 20+ years of experience, you not only get a thorough examination of your potential investment but also a detailed report and guidance on how to maintain or improve your property's condition.
Pre-listing Inspections
Our pre-listing inspections provide homeowners an advantage when selling their properties. Having an inspection done prior to listing can identify any issues that might compromise a sale and give you an opportunity to fix them on your terms.

Our inspectors provide a comprehensive report that details the condition of the property, allowing you to price it appropriately. This gives potential buyers confidence and transparency, and could help speed up the selling process.

At Insight, our goal is to eliminate surprises and make the selling process as smooth as possible, giving you the best return on your investment.
Maintenance Inspections
Our maintenance inspections are designed with homeowners in mind who wish to understand the condition of their property better. Regular inspections can identify potential issues early and save you costly repair bills in the future. From the plumbing to the HVAC system, the roof to the crawlspace, our professional inspectors scrutinize all areas and provide you with a detailed report on current issues and potential problems.With Insight Inspection Services, you can ensure your home stays in good condition and maintain the value of your investment. After all, your property deserves Insight's careful and professional inspection.

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About Us
Insight Inspection Services, under the direction of lead inspector Gregg Austensen (Alabama HI-0865), prides itself on being the Greater Columbus/Phenix City areas trusted provider of home inspection services since 2004. Decades of industry experience with over 10,000 inspections completed and a commitment to absolute customer satisfaction, our team delivers balanced, thorough, and reliable inspection services time and again. Whether you are buying, selling, or just want to understand the condition of your property better, Insight Inspection Services is there to provide comprehensive reviews, professional advice, and peace of mind. Our inspectors are licensed, accredited and follow the highest industry standards. Rely on Insight for your inspection needs today and experience the difference that commitment, experience, and attention to detail can make.
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